Siri’s Brothers and Sisters

Probably everyone wants an assistant, someone who does the looking up answers for you so you do not have to manually do it. Someone to open doors and stuff for you, someone that will really make your life a little easier. Well for anyone with an iPhone 4S above, you will know sort of what it is like to have an assistant. Instead with Siri, it is a computer that will look up what you ask it to look up and open whatever app you want it to open.

But Siri is of course only available on Apple products, which are iPhones, iTouches and iPads. Androids are void of Siri, but hey not all hope is lost as there are certain alternatives apps that are similar to the functions of Siri. Read on to learn more about these Siri alternatives.

Skyvi, It Rhymes with Siri

You can ask Skyvi to read a text for you or you could even ask it to call or text your friend. You could do a bunch of other stuff like help you look for locations, listen to music, and watch a movie or whatnot, all in the control of your voice. However, it is a hit or miss situation with Skyvi as there have been problems with voice recognition. It does have the tendency to do something not remotely close to what you asked it to do.

Spell Siri Backwords and Get Iris

Siri Alternative for Your Android

Siri Alternative for Your Android

Iris is said to be the original Siri alternative, it sets appointments and alarms, looks up the internet if you ask it to, finds location, sends texts and calls and other things that Siri can do. The voice recognition is also rather remarkable compared to the problems with Skyvi. You could try using the trickiest sounding words or speak faster than usual; Iris will still hit the mark straight on.

Get Hands Free Directions with Robin

They say that Robin is more of a driving assistant than a personal assistant although it’s said original title is the “Siri Challenger”. It provides information on locations, directions, parking information, and it could still help you with communications like calling and texting. Robin gives faster results although speech recognition is said to be a little off. But not off enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Plus, who does not want fast results?

The Simple and Subtle Vlingo

This app particularly does not have as much features as the other apps. It has the basics and only a little more than that. But having little features has its ups as Vlingo proves to give rather accurate results and could give you exactly what you are looking for from something simple to something a little more complicated. Just try not to talk to fast.

Having Mostly Everything with Maluuba

Siri Vs Iris - Who's A Dumb Robot?

Siri Vs Iris – Who’s A Dumb Robot?

As the title suggests, Maluuba is reputed to be able to do anything an app assistant can do. Play music, set appointments, find locations, check out movie times, call, and text, search the internet, you name it. Speech recognition is not so bad as well and the whole process with Maluuba is said to be very pleasant. But you have to connect with a google account to be able to use it.

You can experiment around with these Siri alternatives and see for yourself which one is the best for you.

5 Little Things That Can Make A Big Impact On Your Relationship

None of us like the idea of seeing our relationship ebb away. Unfortunately for others, they are left with no other choice but to wait for it to unfold right before their very eyes. The thing is, if you know what to do and how exactly you’re going to do it, there is a huge percentage that you could win them back—without the need for counselling. These are simple everyday things that you can do to spice things up again with your man or woman. Interested to find out what they are? Read on to find out!

The Element of Surprise

For some couples, the problem is that everything falls into a routine after a while. And if it does, things just become too boring and predictable. So don’t be too shy in doing your research. Know what pleases them so. Do the unexpected. Breakfast in bed. Their favorite dish on a regular night. Sweet notes on the refrigerator (or at different parts of the house). It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, because at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. As long as the gesture is sincere and it is made to make them happy, then it calls for some genuine appreciation.

Have Dinner Together As Often As You Can

You’re tired from work and you got about a dozen things you’re trying to make sense of inside your head as you make your way home. But no matter how beat you are, you must always find time to be with your partner/spouse. And there is no perfect time to catch up with each other’s thoughts and activities than by sharing a meal together.

How to Respark a Relationship

How to Respark a Relationship


When having conversations (that sometimes turn into arguments) with your partner, make sure that you listen more than you speak because talking non-stop without giving the other person a chance to air out his or her side can really destroy any relationship. You also need to learn to read between the lines because some people find it hard to express what they’re feeling.

Be Encouraging

Don’t be the reason why your other half feels like they are limited to do the things they like. Try to be wary with how much criticisms you dish out because that, too, can damage a person more than anything else. Just because you consider yourselves each other’s partners does not give you the right be disrespectful with each other. Happy relationships aren’t built and run that way.

End Your Day with Cuddles

That’s right. You don’t have to be super romantic nor do you have to be overly sweet to cuddle up in bed at the end of the day. If anything, it gives you that feel-good feeling and takes you back to how exciting things were back when the relationship was still new. Cuddling is just one of the ways to make sure you never lose that kind of emotion with your partner.

Sleeping Or Cuddling After Sex?

Sleeping Or Cuddling After Sex?

There you go folks. Five little changes you can to do spice up your barren love life once again. The best part about this list? It won’t cost you anything.

Too Much Tv? 5 Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Surely Have Fun

Kids nowadays don’t seem to have life outside that idiot box. Their time – almost half of it are spent entirely watching TV and DVD’s that they lack socialization. At one time they may even get confused by the real life happenings from the fictional events they watch on TV. This is pretty scary for moms that never get to be with their kids all day. As an answer to this, here are 5 outdoor activities your kids will surely be interested and would tear their eyes off the television set.

1. Outdoor painting. Put away that horror on your face because this is not about painting your outside walls dirty. Set up a transparent sheet onto your fence so it would look like you are going to do murals. Use tempera paints with lots of colors that will interest your kids to go for that dip with the brush.

2. Treasure hunt. Kids always love this kind of game. Plus, not only they are having fun but it also sharpens their memory and problem-solving skills. What you need to do is hide clues on your lawn. Give them out directions to follow for each clue. The treasure should be something that they love. It may be going out on a pizza, or a trip at the beach or anything that is fun for them.

Outdoor Activities for Kids and Famili

Outdoor Activities for Kids and Famili

3. Ball games. There are wide varieties of ball games you can choose from. It could be basketball, soccer, baseball, anything that might interest your kids. Not just it lets their body to become active and healthy, it also lets them to play with other kids thus socialize and develop camaraderie with others. These type of games teach the kids sportsmanship which is very important to learn while growing up.

4. Outdoor toys. These are very enticing for young children who love to play imaginary role playing. Build playhouses for your kids at your backyard where they can share it with other children in your neighborhood. This is also a perfect weather for them to get on with their bikes and just stroll down your lawns while you at your most best are having a barbecue party with some friends. Perfect!

5. Water Balloon Toss. This is a fun-filled activity for children who love to play with water. You can invite their friends to play with them since this game requires five or more children. Each child must have a partner and would stand 5 feet apart of each other. Hand each pair five balloons filled with water. The goal is to toss the balloons back and forth without popping them. The pairs with most numbers of remaining water balloons win the game.

5 fun water games to beat the summe

5 fun water games to beat the summe

There are plenty of things to do on summer what with the sunshine and a nice crispy, hot and breezy weather. All there is to do is to go beyond your imagination and make a creative outdoor adventure for your kids. Once they love the outside goodness, you would be having a hard time getting them in the house.

5 Money Websites That You Should Know About

Saving money is very important. However, it is difficult to save if you have a lot of expenses. Finding great deals and bargains is difficult. You will need to exert some effort and wait patiently for these deals. It will become so much easier if you know which websites can give you the best deals and best value for your money. Here are 5 sites you definitely need to check out:

1. Great deals with

If you are someone looking for the best deals for dining and entertainment, then is the best site for you. You can get deals and discounts for services and products around you. Almost all deals and discounts on this site are fantastic, making it a good choice when shopping online.

2., the best site for travelers is a travel search engine site that will give travelers the best deals for plane tickets, hotels, and other all-inclusive vacation deals. You enter what you want for your trip and they will give the best deal available for you. It is certainly a good site for eager travelers who want to save during their trips.

9 easiest ways to earn money

9 easiest ways to earn money

3. Get your clothes at

For people who want to have affordable yet good quality clothes, then is the best site out there. The site has a wide array of choices available and ships these items to you quickly. You can have these items within two days. It is a great site for people who need to have their clothes quick without spending a fortune.

4. for audiophiles

Almost everything nowadays requires payment, even good music. Fortunately, is still available. It is the perfect site for audiophiles who don’t have the money to download their favorite songs via websites that require payments. It is a fantastic site with a very easy-to-use interface. There are a lot of songs available and you can just download all of them for free.

5. Exchange your gift cards at Plastic Jungle

Gift cards are big bonuses for people who want to spend their money wisely. These cards are very affordable. However, there are certain times that you will never be able to use a gift card given to you. The Plastic Jungle site can help you with this problem. This is a site where you cannot only buy and sell gift cards, but you can also exchange the ones that you have no use of. A truly remarkable site for getting the best gift card deals.

The 20 best money Web sites

The 20 best money Web sites

Getting the best value for your money is difficult if you do not know where to go. There are many sites that will give you prime offers but will not live up to their promises. Know which sites you should visit and obtain the best deals from them. You will not only save money, but you will also get the things you want without spending too much on them.

Effective Ways For Writing Effective Emails

Email is certainly not a popular or easy online marketing to use for your business. This is the reason why you opt to put your marketing efforts on SEO or the social media. However, emails are the best means to engage your leads especially if your target market are also a business entities. It has a knack of making a lead’s connection with you more personal; thus making email marketing a very effective way to convert leads to prospect and eventually putting them into your fold as your client. But, this is provided that you have engaged the people in your email list well. And it takes a skill to do so. However, as difficult as it might sound, all it takes is to focus your efforts on writing emails and they are relevance of your content, the timing of the content and lastly, a data driven content that will make your reader want to know more about you and what you got.

How to write a relevant content?

Before you start learning how to write one, you will need to write just want relevant content is. In a nutshell, it is a content that will appeal to a specific group of people and reach them at the time they will need it. If you want to write relevant content then you should be able to focus your energy on producing an email that your reader can relate with and will truly appreciate. This is the only way that will push your email list towards your sales funnel.

So, you have it covered, you know what relevant content is. The next thing you should be asking is how to make your content relevant? A story appeals to the market today. Create your story that will communicate to your audience the value you are proposing to them. Make a promise to answer the questions that your email reader will likely ask at the time he or she is reading your message.

Smart Business Writing: Writing Effec

Smart Business Writing: Writing Effec

How to send a relevant content at the right time?

So, you have your relevant content, just when is the best time to click send? Believe it or note, effective email marketing means you have an effective calendar for sending your email messages. Some business follows a certain season and their email messages correspond to this cycle. That is why it is very important to establish email editorial calendar and to follow it through. This will keep your email list interested and understand just what you will be sending next. Perhaps, the next mail is just what they need to improve something in their lives and in return have you help them as they grow in their business too.

One way to time your email is by looking into trends. “What is trending today?” is often the phrase you will hear from internet buffs who are updated with what is going on the online world. A word of advice on following trends or news is to see that the topic is appropriate for your list.

How to make your list want some more?

Once you have established your relevance and timing, you will want to have your readers wait for your email messages and to want more from you. This will need a lot of planning and analysis because you have to understand your audiences’ likes/dislikes, habits or interests. The most effective way not to do this is not to overwhelm them with information. Keep your email data rich but not overwhelming. This will not only make it easy for you to write a lot of email to send, this will also make your audience to have some more piece of that pie you have sent them on their inbox.



So, in a nutshell, to write an engaging email and enjoy conversions from your email marketing efforts, you have to write relevant content, send them at the best time and make your audience want to learn more. To be able to do this, you have to understand your audience well by zeroing in their interests and behaviour.